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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

What Is The Right Yoga Teacher Training Program For Me?

Searching for the right program can feel overwhelming; especially with countless new Yoga Teacher Trainings being offered each year from various studios. As a student at Inbody Academy you can feel confident you are a part of a long tradition of excellence in education with a stable and long history of expert teachers and staff, that you simply wont find anywhere else. You will gain a true education into the heart of teacher and the deeper aspects of yoga, through the study of Alignment, Anatomy as well as mindfulness meditation, and the healing aspects of yoga. Above all you will be trained as an outstanding teacher able to teach from a place that keeps students safe, and aligned, with expertise in classes from flow, restorative and especially, alignment-based classes that strengthen and challenge body and mind. Inbody Academy is the only nationally renowned award-winning School of Yoga in the State. Over the past decade, Inbody has graduated some of the most successful teachers who are highly skilled and trained in both physical alignment as well as the deeper aspects of yoga and mindfulness. You will learn and practice supported by our intimate training center, exclusively designed as a School for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. One of the biggest differences between Inbody Academy and other programs is that we are not a big studio, nor do we have to support our studio classes with our trainings like most studios. Our entire focus is on the training and on taking care of you, the student. You are guaranteed a personalized experience with the highest level of experts helping you to reach your full potential.

“I felt supported by my Inbody family, at each step of the way!”

Because we are a school designed solely for our trainings, we are able to keep our classes small and intimate allowing us to train the most outstanding teachers. Inbody has graduated the highest percentage of succesfull teachers as well as Yoga studio owners and instructors who have gone on to make careers in Yoga. Because of our focus on excellence, we are able to attract the most expert instructors who teach a different both at various studios, and around the world. Our faculty has come together with a shared vision and a personal understanding of the power of yoga to heal and transform. Our instructors have Masters Degrees and PhDs in the fields of psychology, biochemistry movement, and anatomy. They have the highest level of certifications as Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT through Yoga Alliance) and as Yoga Therapists through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


Start with a strong foundation in the heart of yoga.


In this training you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of anatomy and how to keep the body healthy and safe.
  • Classifications of poses and ways to sequence.
  • How to become more empowered and stay grounded in your classes as well as your daily life.
  • Optimal posture alignment in poses and how this translates to more health and energy in daily life.
  • The science of the breath and how to use it for healing and vitality in asana practice and meditation.
  • How to teach restorative and meditation practices.
  • Therapeutic applications of yoga for wellness and personal transformation.
  • Understanding of the body, energy, and mind connection as the heart of Yoga.
  • The transformative power of Yoga Philosophy.

‘I don’t know if I’m ready. Is this training for me?’

This training is for all levels, all ages, and every-body. We will meet you where you’re at, and do all that we can to help you succeed.

Over the years we have learned what works for educating teachers. Our expert instructors know how to cater to every individual learning style and level of ability. That said, our training is not for everyone. What you will need in this training is a passion for helping others and a dedication to your own transformation. Our training will push you to succeed while supporting you at each step of the way. This is why our program has a reputation as one of the most effective and well-rounded yoga schools in the country. Our mission is to create both successful yoga teachers and develop more enlightened and compassionate individuals. Many of our students have moved here for the sole purpose of training at the Academy.
from our yoga students

I am truly grateful to have certified through Inbody Academy’s Yoga Teacher Training program. The study and practice of yoga has transformed my life and changed my energy to be more mindful and compassionate. – P.D. Certified Yoga Instructor
“I wasn’t happy in my job or my life. I didn’t know who I really was. But I kept feeling drawn to do Yoga Teacher Training. The Academy was everything I was looking for. I wasn’t sure how I could do it, but I just did it. As soon as I did my life began to change. The amazing instructors helped me to learn, not only how to teach yoga, but to find my truest self.” -Dawn T. Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist

“I don’t know that I could possibly put into words the way in which my training at InBody has transformed every facet of my life, but I can say that I have never felt so connected with myself and so ready to give back to my community. The training is diverse. It’s all-encompassing and leaves you with a taste of the many different forms that yoga can take while inviting you to find your own version to share.” –Kristina Sandi – Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist Graduate Student

“The time I spent with InBody Academy was invaluable. In addition to establishing the skills required to lead a yoga class, I developed tools to incorporate into my everyday life to help me live from a place of balance, love, and compassion. I was given a platform to speak vulnerably, to fall and get back up, and to dig through the inner shells of who I am. I went into the program stressed out and emotionally drained and left with a shifted perspective on life.“
– Chelsie, Yoga Therapist Graduate”






When you register you will receive:

  • Both the General Education and Immersion Manual

  • 4 Audio meditation Courses.

  • Worksheets.

  • Individualized Learning.

  • Mentoring and instruction with some of the best teachers in the world.

  • Exclusive access to online video recordings and streaming classes.

  • Mentoring and instruction with some of the best teachers in the world.

    and more…


Yoga is much more than practicing poses or even teaching. As you study the tools and discipline of yoga, you will discover more freedom and clarity in your own life. You will become an excellent teacher, trained in the deeper practices, philosophies and healing aspects of yoga. Most importantly you will be able to also help others discover a deeper path for their own lives.

Next Course Start Date: January 9

Training Schedule

Our trainings are designed to immerse you into the experience and challenge you, while offering support in your daily life. Most of our students are parents and have jobs. We will work with your schedule. Just tell us prior to the training, and you can make up classes at a later date. Online class options are also available.

200 Hour Teach Training January 9 Tues, Wed, Thurs 5:30-9, Saturdays 9am-4pm


Register now and get over $200 off the full 200 hour tuition!

Full 200 hour program is approximately two, 1 month sections. (Can be taken in any order and does not need to be taken consecutively.)

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  • Our 200 hour Program

    • Is completed in two-100 hour modules over two months and can be completed in any order.
    • Is registered with and approved by Yoga Alliance (only if attended in-person.)
    • Is the prerequisite for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program for the Yoga Alliance 300-hour certification.
    • Is the first step in our Professional Yoga Therapy program. (in-person or online attendance qualifies you for our Yoga Therapist Program).

    Both ONLINE Distance Education and in-person attendance is available.

    Contact admissions@inbodyacademy.com for more information.