Inbody Yoga Academy offers the highest quality of education as well as fundamental yoga and mindfulness classes to the public each day. Our mission to help create healing, integration and a deeper level of self-awareness in the individual and our communites.

Our Non-profit, Inbody Outreach provides volunteers and resources, including mindfulness, yoga therapy and educational opportunities for communities that would not otherwise have access to these powerful tools of transformation.


Start on the path that is right for you

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
  • 200 Hour Yoga Instructor
  • 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher
  • 800 Hour Professional Yoga Therapist

At Inbody you will experience a unique place for higher learning and transformation. You will find a community with the highest level of excellence and commitment to helping you succeed. You will have an opportunity to fulfill your purpose and passion for transformation and helping others.


At Inbody Yoga Academy we welcome you where ever you are at in your practice and life. We are excited to guide and support you in your dream of becoming a teacher, healer and guide.