The Academy is founded on the truth that we all have within us innate intelligence and pure potential. Inbody Academy provides the perfect environment for students to tap into these inherent qualities in themselves, and discover how to bring the same out in others.

As a Teacher in Training or Yoga Therapist you will be guided to a greater understanding of your own strengths, and will uncover the unique gifts and truths hidden within. Students are closely mentored and encouraged to develop as both an individual and as a future healer. Experience the richness of yoga with the best modern tools from mindfulness and modern science. Learn how to teach from a balance of Body and Mind.

All trainees will develop the skills necessary to teach from a place of authenticity, rather than from someone else’s dogma. Our instructors are some of the foremost experts in their fields from Theraputic Alignment based-Asana, to Aryuvedic Experts, Yoga Therapists and Psychologists.

The Inbody Academy was founded by D’ana Baptiste and her nearly 30 years of experience as well as our Incredible Instructors and experts in Yoga Therapy.  Our lead instructors remain with us to this day, including Aron Stein, the Academy Director, Leader and vision holder. We continue to evolve and seek out the most skilled big-hearted teachers from around the world to teach at the Academy.


INBODY ACADEMY is independently owned and operated and has evolved  to become a true school, with a single mission to train the most skilled Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. We continue to add more programs, expand our staff, and design  new levels of involvement, and three different levels of certification.

Over 2000 students have attended Inbody Academy.  Our students remain a part of the Inbody family through teaching opportunities, Inbody continuing education as well as through our Inbody Out Reach program, offering yoga to their communities free of charge. Over 70% of the graduates of this program are working in the field of yoga, mind/body medicine, recovery programs, psychology, and the fitness industry.