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Yoga Therapy for the Mind

March 1 – 3, 2019

With Master Āyurveda Practitioner & Yoga Therapist

Arun Deva, DASc, AYT

Yoga and Āyurveda merge best in therapeutics for the mind. They believe the mind begets the body and the body affects the mind. This is echoed today in the newly burgeoning field of psychosomatics. Further, while this new field still connects the mind to the brain stem, limbic region and frontal cortex, āyurveda and yoga may argue that these are still organelles of the brain and that the mind originates in the heart, moves in 10 channels throughout the body, dominates in the gut as instinct, in the heart as emotion and in the head as intellect. In this workshop weekend, we will understand yogic and āyurvedic psychology. Explore the importance of the gut for digestion of experience and not just food. The heart not just for blood flow and cellular nutrition but healthy relationships and love. And the brain, among all its complex functions, for essentially negotiating both internal and external relationships.

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Weekend Intensive Detailed Outline

Arun Deva ayurveda yoga therapy

This 3-day workshop will take you on an experiential tour of how yoga therapy can be applied to healing the mind. The link between the mind and the different organs/systems of the body is well researched and documented in Āyurveda. Now the progressive field of psychotherapy has related our instincts to our reptilian stem, our emotional to the limbic, and the rational to our neo-cortex. In Āyurveda, however, the mind is not restricted to this structure, instead it begins in the heart, reaches downwards into the gut and upwards into the brain. The connections are easy to see as seats of instincts, feelings and sensation/thought. Therefore, all our instincts and our rational thinking revolve around the mediating emotional state. When our emotional state is one of creativity, innocence and joy, we see beauty, feel compassion and instinctually open to universal waves of loving. However, when our emotions are dominated by fear, anger and grief, we become susceptible to the 6 enemies of the mind: lust, rage, greed, jealousy, envy and delusion. And our thinking and functionality begins to operate from these states. In Ayurveda, it is also said that if you wish to conquer these six enemies, there is no better pathway than that of yoga (sattvavajaya cikitsa).


Friday, March 1, 2019
6:00-8:00pm What is Yoga Therapy for the Mind? FREE (RSVP required)

Saturday March 2 (9am-5pm)
9:00-10:30am Lecture – Yogic Psychology of the Mind
10:45am-12:00noon Lecture – 3 Mind Centers – Gut + Heart + Brain
Lunch Break
1:45-2:15pm Practice – Breathe!
2:30-3:15pm Practice – Chanting & Mudras
3:30-5:00pm Practice – Yoga Therapy Practices for Gut (Seat of Instinct)

Sunday, March 3 (9am-5pm)
9:00-10:30am Lecture – Merging Ayurveda & Yoga in Therapy
10:45am-12:15pm Practice – Yoga Therapy Practices for Heart (Seat of Emotions)
Lunch Break
1:45-3:15pm Practice – Yoga Therapy Practices for Brain (Reasoning)
3:30-5:00pm Practice – Vishesha Practices (Essentials of Healing)


FREE What is Yoga Therapy for the Mind

Open to the Public on Friday evening! Attend this free workshop to learn how yoga therapy can be used for healing the mind. Required for participation in Saturday and Sunday’s activities.


The workshop will include 3 lectures. Topics to be covered are:

  • The workshop will include 3 lectures. Topics to be covered are: Yogic Psychology of the Mind – Sāmkhya, the underlying psychology of yoga and āyurveda, divides the mind into 4 parts: storehouse, intellect, sensorial and ego. Each will play a part in our health.
  • 3 Mind Centers – Gut + Heart + Brain. The gut is the seat of digestion, the heart of love and the brain of reason. When they work in harmony, we have health.
  • Merging Ayurveda & Yoga in Therapy – Āyurveda gives us daily routines, dietary guidelines and other powerful tools within which the practices of yoga are essential.


The workshop will include many practices, so please dress appropriately and bring your mat if you have one!

Practice topics will include:

  • Breathe!
  • Chanting & Mudra
  • Yoga Therapy for Gut (instinct)
  • Yoga Therapy for Heart (emotions)
  • Yoga Therapy for Brain (reasoning)
  • Vishesha: āyurveda practices: shiromarma and padābhyanga (shiromarma is a head marma massage and padābhyanga is a foot oil massage)


Weekend Immersion: $225 pre-paid before Feb 15, 2019 or $250 after and $275 at the door
Single Lectures/Classes: Not Available
**CEU’s for YA Registry available for teachers and teacher trainees.


Individual Ayurvedic Consultations

Arun Ayurveda Yoga Therapy
March 4, 5, 6, 7: 9:30am – 3:30pm
We will open additional appointment times after the workshop if needed

Initial: $185: 1.25hrs
Follow Up: $125: 45 minutes

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Arun Deva Ayurveda

Arun Deva, DASc, AP-NAMA, AYT- NAMA, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, BA (Lit), is a senior āyurvedic practitioner (AP), āyurvedic yoga therapist (AYT-NAMA) and certified teacher of vinyāsa krama yoga in the Krishnamacarya tradition. He has served both the National & State Āyurvedic Associations: NAMA & CAAM since 2004. Currently he chairs NAMA’s Committee for Āyurvedic Yoga Therapy and is a NAMA Board Member. Arun teaches internationally, lectures at Conferences, writes articles for different publications; including peer reviewed Āyurveda Journals, and has been featured on both radio and television. He is director of āyurveda for yoga studies at Loyola Marymount University. Born and raised in India where he began his yogic studies, Arun has made his home in Los Angeles since 1977.

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