Becoming a yoga teacher means undergoing hundreds of hours of training, having an incredible sense of discipline and reflection, and growing in your practice, both as a student and a teacher. With that being said, the rewards of becoming a yoga teacher practically know no bounds. See some of the benefits that come from undergoing yoga teacher training, and sign up for 200-hour and 300-hour certification courses today at Inbody Yoga Academy!



Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

There is so much to be said about becoming a yoga teacher, but the first step starts on your mat, at our academy, during our yoga teacher training programs. Known throughout all of Utah as being the place that people come to train, we would love to have you join the ranks of our esteemed alumni. See some more details about the benefits of yoga teacher training.

1. You’ll take your practice to new heights.
When you spend 200 hours, 300 hours, or even 500 hours doing something in a reflective and consistent manner, you’re going to grow in this skill. This same concept is not lost when you sign up for yoga teacher training at Inbody Yoga Academy. As a yoga instructor-in-training, you’ll be able to grow in not only your own practice, but you’ll gain essential insight into helping others grow in their comfort and confidence on the mat.
2. You’ll receive certification.
Upon successfully completing the course, you’re going to be a certified yoga instructor! This presents such an incredible opportunity for you. With your certification, you will now be able to look for jobs as a yoga instructor, you’ll be able to generate additional income doing what you love, and you’ll have even more potential to grow in your own practice (oftentimes, yoga instructors get free memberships to studios). Certification is just the first step in opening up so many doors for your life, and your passion in yoga, too.
3. You’ll become a part of a community.
There’s no better way to bond with others and form lasting connections than to spend hundreds of hours with them. Our yoga instructors grow in their ability to instruct and help others, but they also grow as a group, and this shared experience means an incredible community is formed. Plus, you’ll get to network and get to know so many people who share the same interests and passions as you, broadening your yoga horizons in the most beautiful of ways.
4. You’ll work with the best of the best.
It’s no secret — the yoga instructors at Inbody Yoga Academy are some of the most experienced and qualified yogis around. With individual and group instruction, your teachers will work with you in a personalized and one-on-one manner that helps you adjust and grow in your teacher training. When you have the option to learn from the best, you take it, and the place to learn the most about becoming an exceptional yoga teacher is Inbody Yoga Academy.
5. You’ll get to do what you love!
We spend (or have spent) hundreds of hours doing things that don’t mean as much to us — uninspiring jobs, driving in traffic, the list goes on. Imagine how different life would be if you spent those hundreds of hours doing something that you love. Your passion for yoga should not be stopped as soon as class is over — keep that fuel going by signing up for our yoga teacher training! Make the things that you love to do a habit, and your life will absolutely be transformed.

We know you’re excited to start your yoga teacher training, which is why we’re happy to help you get signed up for certification programs today. Check out our programs overview page and calendar, and contact Inbody Yoga Academy to get started!