Mindfulness Transforms Lives.

Be a Part of a Global Mindfulness Movement

Mindfulness is increasingly in demand in all walks of life. Mindfulness and meditation practices are even being prescribed by physicians and psychologists. Mindfulness has the potential to transform our thoughts as well as our lives and society.

At Inbody Academy our students come from around the world. Our graduates make a real difference throughout the world, integrating into fields of personal transformation and healthcare.

In this training you will learn the skills to transform your thoughts and to guide others to find more awareness and clarity in their lives. As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher you will be a mindful leader, creating real change in the world.

Do you have a passion for helping others transform?

Take the next step on your true path.

Where ever you are in your practice and life, the Inbody Mindfulness program is the place to begin.

With over 15 years of experience in educating teachers, you will be a part of a tradition of excellence at Inbody Academy. Our expert instructors will support you at each step to succeed and create a career as a mindfulness teacher.

Research increasingly shows the effectiveness of mindfulness to support physical and mental health.

  • 1 in 10 adults report meditating at least once a week.
  • 1 in 7 US workers engage in mindfulness during their work-day.
  • The number of frequent meditators increased from 8.0% to 9.9% from ’06 -’07

These numbers continue to grow each year.

Take the first step on your path.

As an Inbody Certified Mindfulness teacher you will be empowered with the tools and skills to serve others and be a part of a global movement for changing consciousness.

What you will receive from the training

  • Deepen your personal mindfulness and meditation practice.
  • Learn how to effectively teach mindfulness and meditation to all levels.
  • Learn to teach practices of compassion and inner peace and deepen your own experience.
  • Develop skills for leading groups and classes.
  • Develop tools to align body, heart and mind.
  • Receive ongoing professional mentoring.
  • Gain skills for greater insight and wisdom in relationships.
  • Gain a basic foundation for applications of mindfulness in trauma, anxiety and depression.
  • Enable others to find peace and healing in their lives.
Mindfulness Training

Online Mindfulness Teacher Certification Pricing

  • Regular price $3400.00
  • Pay in Full and receive $200 off
  • Free retreat 5 day online mindfulness retreat is included with your registration! (discounts for those who wish to attend our annual in person retreat)
  • Payment plans are available

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Course Curriculum Overview

  • Mindfulness Foundations
    (20 Hours)

    This course will teach you the key foundational principles of mindfulness and meditation and effective approaches to introducing others to mindfulness.

    Some of the subjects you will learn include:

    • An understanding of mindfulness as a secular practice that can benefit everyone.
    • Foundations of Teaching Mindfulness and Meditation.
    • Mindfulness as a path to teach and live with authenticity.
    • Traditional and informal mindfulness and meditation practices.
    • Introduction to mindful approaches in therapy and psychology.
  • Personal Practice and Development Course
    (25 Hours)

    The course will focus on supporting in developing and deepening your own practice and introduce you to some of the most effective and researched approaches to mindfulness and meditation.

    You will learn:

    • Foundations of mindfulness teaching and professional skills.
    • Introduction to Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques.
    • Introduction to Zen Meditation and mindfulness practices.
    • Alignment and biomechanics in meditation and mindful movement.
    • Ongoing mindfulness practice.
    • Developing your skills through individual and group mentoring.
  • Teacher Training and Supervision
    (20 Hours)

    In this course you will learn the science and art of teaching, both in groups and with individuals. We will introduction to mindfulness and meditation as a therapeutic tool for healing and transformation.

    You will learn:

    • Large and small group facilitation skills.
    • How to lead a group practice.
    • Group processing.
    • Principles of holding space.
    • Tools for staying grounded.
  • Practicum and Mentoring
    (20 Hours)

    In this section you will have the opportunity to practice and develop in depth teaching skill both in groups and supervised by instructors.

    • Group practicum and practice.
    • Mindfulness sessions with individuals.
    • Supervision and group mentoring.
  • Psychology of Mindfulness and Meditation
    (8 Hours)

    Evidence and in-depth overview supporting mindfulness to alleviate mental and physical disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and physical pain.

    • Evidence for mindfulness to enhance athletic success.
    • Introduction to interdisciplinary thinking and research with mindfulness.
    • Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities and Mindfulness: How to work with the unconscious or shadow aspects of the psyche for healing and transformation.
    • Mindfulness for ADD and improving focus.
  • Science and Research of Mindfulness & Meditation
    (5 Hours)

    • Overview of parts of the brain and it’s function
    • Impact of mindfulness on personal development
    • Development of stronger sense of empathy
    • Self-regulation
    • Empowering your sense of self
    • Healing and integration
    • Introduction to the brain and behavior
    • Emotional awareness
    • Mindfulness and relationships
    • Improve your relationships in any situations
    • The power of mindful listening
    • Mindfulness and working with difficult people
  • Contemporary Mindfulness
    (20 Hours)

    This course will go deeper into mindfulness as a therapeutic tool and modern approaches to personal transformation, including self-development and modern cognitive tools.

    • Traditional and modern personal development tools
    • Client self-actualization and personal growth
    • Hierarchy of human needs review
    • Mindfulness as the modern path of enlightenment
    • How Hatha Yoga embodies the ideal of tantra: to live in the world with complete authenticity
  • Yoga and Mindful Movement
    (8 Hours)

    Introduction to Mindful Movement and Alignment in the Body

    • The body as a vehicle for enlightenment
    • Science of yoga and integration of the body and mind
    • Yoga as a skill for transformation and to enhance everyday mindfulness
    • Research and hands on: benefits of body awareness
  • Mindfulness Research
    (10 Hours)

    This course will explore the evidence and research on mindfulness and meditation practices. You will learn about the science of change and transformation and how mindfulness can bridge eastern and western approaches to healing and transformation

    • Introduction to neuroplasticity and the power of mindfulness to change the brain
    • Studies regarding effects of meditation and effect on regions of the brain
    • How to enable our mind to observe habitual patterns and mental traps
    • Styles of thinking and science of how we talk to ourselves, including negative self-talk
    • Eliminating unconscious and limiting beliefs
  • Teaching to the Mind Body Connection
    (30 Hours)

    This course will introduce you to the power and therapeutic impacts of mindful movement with a focus on Mindfulness Yoga and developing the mind-body connection.

    Mindfulness and Yoga Connection

    Philosophy and Traditions from past to present.

    • Early Teachings and History of Mindfulness
    • Buddhist Psychology past and present
    • Mindfulness and the chakra system
    • Yoga philosophy from traditional viewpoints for training the mind
    • How to understand and apply these ancient teachings in a simple effective way
    Fundamentals of Yoga: Hands on Applications

    Explore yoga postures for mindfulness.
    Yoga as a mindfulness and energetic practice to

    • Integrate emotional and energetic polarities
    • Remove emotional and psychological ‘blocks’ that hold us back.
    • Harmonizing body and mind.
    • Yoga as a tool to heal the nervous system from trauma.
    Mindfulness and Yoga Asana Practice
    • Asana as a practice of alignment of body and mind
    • Asana practice, as a tool for increasing sensation and discomfort as well as pleasurable sensations and enabling a space of awareness and neutrality
    • Development of mindfulness of movement in daily life activities, as well as other endeavors including Yoga and athletics
    • Use of breath in everyday activities and importance of natural breathing
  • Teaching and Cultural Understanding
    (15 Hours)

    As a mindfulness teacher and facilitator, it is important to have an understanding of your clients and students’ individual issues, challenges and beliefs. You will learn to work with a deeper respect and compassion for you clients and students. You will learn the power of using an interdisciplinary approach to working with diverse populations, genders, orientations and cross-cultural issues.

    • Understanding personal biases and beliefs
    • Importance of understanding cultural backgrounds in working with clients
    • Sensitivity and understanding of issues regarding identity, gender, and sexual orientation
    • How to see through the eyes of our client using empathy and mindful listening
    • Researching cultural and environmental influences
    • Understanding cultural norms and beliefs using a non-dual, non-judgmental perspective
    • Integration of spiritual and psycho-therapeutic healing practices
    • Professional ethics for teachers and facilitators
    • Promoting professional ethical standards and professional boundaries in the field
  • Professional Development
    (20 Hours)

    This course will go deeper into mindfulness as a therapeutic tool and modern approach

    The objective of this course is to educate future and current Mindfulness Teachers on the business of Teaching. A good teacher is motivated to teach for the love of helping others. But as a teacher you also must take care of yourself. Understanding the fundamentals of business is important in creating a professional practice and supporting you in your dreams. When you are supported you are better able to serve others.

    • Overview of practices, including business planning and financial management
    • How to develop and maintain relationships with peers, mentors, and clinicians
    • Building a referral network of peers, related healthcare practitioners and organizations
    • Balancing business and life
    • Planning client sessions
    • Discovering and sharing your personal brand with the world
    • Creating financial stability through passive income as a teacher

Our Teachers

Learn from top experts in their fields.
You will have the best guides with you, each step of the way.

Over the past 15 years, we have learned what works for educating the most skilled and successful teachers. Our expert instructors know how to teach to each individual learning style and level of ability. That said, our training is not for everyone. It’s for those who have a passion for helping others and a dedication to personal transformation. Our training will challenge you to succeed while supporting you at each step of the way.

  • Steve Proskauer

    Aron Stein

    Aron is the Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy Director at Inbody Academy. He has been a director and resident at two international meditation centers. Aron is a certified Yoga Therapist, and a well-known teacher and writer. He is an ERYT 500 yoga instructor, with a focus on subtle energy and mindfulness based practices. He has practiced meditation and mindful movement modalities including yoga for over 25 years.

  • Dana Levy

    Mary Johnston-Coursey

    Mary began to meditate in 1974, and teaching in 1981. Since then, she has explored numerous styles of meditation and yoga. She holds an MFA in dance, and spent over twenty years as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Mary has found her passion and purpose in life sharing the deeper teachings of Meditation and Yoga with her students. Within Para Yoga, Mary is certified Level III and certified as a Four Desires Trainer.

  • Charlotte Bell

    Charlotte Bell

    Charlotte has been teaching for over 30 years. She is a renowned yoga and mindfulness instructor and has published several books on Yoga, and articles on meditation and mindfulness. She has taught at yoga conferences and lead countless mindfulness and yoga workshops and retreats. Her teachings focus on alignment in body and mind.

  • Aron Stein

    Linda Black

    Linda Black teaches habits that support health and personal and professional transformation through scientifically proven tools integrated with mindfulness as an approach in professional and daily life. Linda is a writer and international speaker. Linda has over 20 years of experience as a mindfulness and meditation practitioner and in the wellness industry. In addition to being a teacher, Linda is a mindfulness coach and computer scientist.

  • Dana Levy

    Dana Levy

    Dana Levy is a certified Yoga Therapist and mindfulness teacher, with a strong background in Mindful Movement and Iyengar Yoga. She has a B.A. in Dance and M.A. in Choreography and Performance. She has lead retreats around the world and has owned a studio in Japan.

  • Dana Levy

    D’ana Baptiste

    D’ana has over 30 years of experience in the fields of wellness, and alternative healing. She is master trainer of teachers and is a highly regarded expert in the science of breathe and therapeutic benefits of mindfulness. D’ana has written several books on Mindfulness and the Yoga Sutras.

Online Program Starts AUG 15.
Training is limited 10 students.  Apply Now.


Free retreat. 5 day online mindfulness retreat is included with your registration! (discounts for those who wish to attend our annual in person retreat)

Payment plans are available


Pricing Details

Additional reasons to enroll

Exclusivity. To give you the most individualized attention, we keep the training limited to 20 students.

Accessibility.  We professionally record the classes and make the content, worksheets, and quizzes available to you through our online student account as well as offer live streaming zoom sessions.

Credibility. As an Inbody Mindfulness Teacher you will be a part of a tradition of excellence of over 15 years of experience. You will be certified as a 200-hour Inbody Mindfulness Teacher Inbody Academy and accredited by the prestigious International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Additionally, our trainings are recognized by the Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches.

Certification Options. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit is available for attendance. The Mindfulness training can qualify as part of the 200-hour Inbody Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training for those interested in further certification.

When you register you will receive:

  • 200 hours of in-depth training and practice
  • Inbody Mindfulness Manual and worksheets, including the Mindfulness Workbook
  • Group and individual mentoring
  • Online access to class video recordings
  • Online audio and video resources
  • Support in creating your own mindfulness research project
  • Connections with an incredible group of like-minded students and teachers

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Refund Policy: INBODY, permits students a 2 day period for refunds commencing with the day the initial deposit is made, until midnight of the third business day, during which time the contract may be rescinded and all fees paid can be refunded, except the non-refundable application fee. To request a refund, the student must submit a formal request in writing delivered to the Inbody director/s.

Inbody Academy due to the limited enrollment Inbody Academy can not provide refunds for tuition paid by students that have registered past three (3) business days for any reason. We will always work with students and accommodated schedules and life events that may occur as much as possible which includes allowing for attendance in future trainings.

Non-refundable: The deposit is non-refundable.

The Highest Standard in Mindfulness Teacher Training

The Inbody Mindfulness Certification Program combines modern scientific understanding of mindfulness practices with practical interdisciplinary knowledge from therapeutic fields such as psychology and scientific understandings of issues that create suffering in the mind. Our unique approach allows us to work with both therapeutic professionals as well as help people in everyday life. Inbody Academy was one of the first schools to be accredited with the prestigious International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA), which maintains rigorous standards and review processes for accreditation.

The IMTA committee is comprised of some of the most renowned mindfulness teachers in the world including Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Diana Winston, Dawa Phillips and more.

IMTA Mindfulness Certification
YACEP Yoga Alliance
“I Felt Supported by My Inbody Family Each Step of the Way!”

What our students have to say

Inbody has graduated the highest percentage of successful yoga teachers, as well as yoga studio owners and yoga therapists, Utah. Because of our focus on our trainings and the highest standard of excellence, we are able to attract expert instructors who often teach around the world.