Yoga Immersions are 100-hour programs that focus on your yoga practice. One immersion of your choice is required for any of our yoga teacher training certifications, although the Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool Immersion is required for the Professional Yoga Therapist Certification. Our immersions are open to the public, so you don’t have to be enrolled in the Academy to sign up for them.

100-Hour Restore Immersion

This immersion will expand your definition of what the word “Restore” really means. Combining class attendance with process work and discussion, we have found that this particular immersion creates long lasting transformation at a soul level. The emphasis will be on learning how to rest in discomfort, to ride the wave of our breath to experience freedom in the body, and to encourage youthfulness, curiosity, and receptivity within our selves and our potential students.

100-Hour Yoga Immersions as a Therapeutic Tool

(required prerequisite for Professional Yoga Therapist) In this immersion, you will attend yoga classes that are quieter, less physical, more internal, and more therapeutic. You will experience, first hand, how these esoteric yoga techniques support the healing process. The classes, process work, and discussions will allow you to experience how Yoga helps you tap into your true potential, support your innate intelligence, and remember who you are. Your time spent in this immersion will get you into your emotions an reactions in a way that allows you to move through them, one moment at a time.