Inbody Yoga Academy is proud to offer two options for yoga teacher training. With our 200-hour or 300-hour training program, you’ll have an opportunity to fulfill your purpose and fuel your passion for becoming a yoga teacher. We offer the certification, guidance, and training you need to become an incredible instructor, and have a dedicated and highly knowledgeable team of teachers to support you in your journey.

200-Hour Certification

For this training, you can meet at Inbody Yoga Academy to fulfill your hours, but we also have online options available. The full program is approximately two 1-month sections that can be taken in any order, and do not need to be taken back-to-back.

Program Features:

  • Prerequisite for 300-hour Yoga Alliance certification
  • Individualized learning, mentoring
  • Exclusive access to incredible program materials
  • Instruction on anatomy, poses, sequencing, optimal posture alignment, and more
  • Taught by world-class yoga instructors

300-Hour Certification

Our advanced yoga teacher training program, this provides you with both the 500-hour RYT Advanced Yoga Instructor Certificate, as well as a certification for Level 1 Yoga Therapist. Our 300-hour certification can only be taken after our 200-hour program.

Program Features:

  • Philosophy and ethics behind yoga and yoga therapy
  • Instruction on working with different body types and injuries, as well as therapeutic alignment
  • Mentored and taught by world-class instructors
  • Exclusive access to incredible program resources
  • Small class sizes

Our 300-hour program begins on September 13th and runs through February 11th (2019)

If you’re interested in joining this year’s 300-hour certification, be sure to sign up for the 200-hour training program now! As we mentioned, the 200-hour training program is a prerequisite for our 300-hour course. Get in touch with our yoga studio to learn more.

800-Hour Yoga Therapist Training

Becoming a yoga therapist is an incredible way to create a meaningful and purposeful career, in which you promote the healing of others. With our yoga therapist program, you’ll learn to combine influences of both yoga and Western medicine to encourage recovery and recuperation in multiple ways for your clients.

Program Features:

  • First half of Yoga Therapist Training
  • Become part of a united community — over 90 percent of certified yoga therapists in Utah trained with Inbody Yoga Academy
  • Access to vital and useful program materials
  • Mentoring from world-class yoga experts and instructors
  • Individualized and group instruction
  • Career guidance and teachings, as well as support in working with a diverse body of clients

This program begins on September 13th and runs through February 9th (2019)

For any and every yoga teacher training that you’re excited to begin, we at Inbody Yoga Academy are just as excited to work with you. We look forward to seeing you, and are excited to guide and support you in your dream of becoming a yoga instructor.