Important Things for New Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers

The 4 Most Important Things for New Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers (Part 3 of Mindful Professional Series)



The 4 Most Important Things for New Yoga and Mindfulness Teachers.

(Part 3 of Mindful Professional Series)

By: Lindsay Miller


In our series about what to do after your yoga or mindfulness certification, we encouraged you to start teaching as much as you can. Many students wait to teach until they feel “ready”. But once you have graduated you should know that you have the skills and training to start teaching now.


The best way to learn to teach is to just start teaching! That said, it will take some time and practice to feel comfortable teaching. And we all have times where we might not feel like we are good enough or even want to give up. But don’t feel discouraged! When those times come, remember these 4 things:


  1. It’s hard to see your own improvement. Each time you prepare classes, you learn a little bit more. The more you prepare and study on your own, the more confidence you should feel. Focus on the fact that each time you teach you are making steady progress.
  2. You’re helping people more than you know. When you start teaching, sometimes it might feel like not many people care about what you have to offer. We all want to make big changes in the world. But know that every life journey is made of small steps. As you start to teach, you are planting seeds and cultivating the groundwork for your growth as a teacher. Teaching is a long-term commitment. If you stay committed and continue to show up for others, you will succeed.
  3. Showing up consistently is the most important thing. Whether you are offering free classes online or in person, always show up. Even if just one person shows up, take it as a wonderful opportunity to really teach to that individual and improve your skills as a teacher.
  4. Just do it. When I first started my business, I kept holding back until “I figured it all out” or had “just the right class”. In short, I was a perfectionist. And I wasn’t helping anyone. One of my mentors said to me, “remember that version one is better than version none.” Thinking back, I can see all the people I didn’t connect with because I was too focused on myself and my own worries. Know that wherever you are in each moment, just by showing up you are making a real difference in others’ lives.

Becoming a professional teacher is challenging and you can always find a reason to not start. But the best thing you can do is to get started because you will learn and grow exponentially as you actually teach. 


And just a bonus tip… When you do feel like you are ready for more training and support, consider Inbody Academy’s Mindfulness and Yoga Professional Programs. Start with our 200 Hour Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Trainings here. Or, learn about our upper level Yoga Therapist Program. 


We hope to see you in class. Now get out there and teach!