Inbody is a welcoming space for all levels, with the most skilled Teachers.

We offer Mindfulness and Public Yoga Classes and workshops for both beginning and advanced students  Our renowned Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Certification programs are available both in-person at Inbody Academy in Salt Lake City, as well as online.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

Do you practice Meditation and Mindfulness? Deepen your own practice and teach others to find more peace and clarity in their lives with our Mindfulness Teacher Certification.
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Yoga Teacher Training Classes

If you are ready to learn or want to go deeper in your practice, our yoga and meditation classes are for all levels and will meet you where you are at.

First Class Free for new students.

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Meet Your Psychology Professor! Guruprasad is one of our Advanced Yoga Therapy Instructors.

Advanced Yoga Teacher &
Yoga Therapy Certification

Ready for the next level? Registration is now open for our 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Yoga Therapy
Inbody Advanced Yoga and Therapy Certifications


Self-Care Tips

As a yoga instructor, you’re constantly thinking about others. Your responsibilities as a teacher revolve around everyone in your class — has instruction been differentiated enough? Is there someone who needs extra help? Are students understanding your directions? How’s the pace working for this class? What about that gentleman in the back who has a bad knee? The questions that …

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Should I Become a Yoga Teacher?

At the start of every journey, there’s always a number of questions that one asks. Before a trip, we wonder — have I packed everything I need? Before going to the store, we think — do I know what all I need? Especially poignant before starting a new career path or direction, we come back to the same question -should …

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Myths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Call them fiction, call them falsehoods, call them whatever you’d like to call them, but the truth remains — there are many myths that exist in the world of yoga teacher training. We have heard them all, and we’re more than ready to dispel some of these misconceptions. See some of the most common myths about yoga teacher training. You …

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