Ready to Teach? Make the most out of your teaching career.

Ready to Teach? 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mindfulness or Yoga Teaching Career (Part 5 of Mindful Professional Series)



Ready to Teach? 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mindfulness or Yoga Teaching Career

(Part 5 of Mindful Professional Series)

By: Lindsay Miller


Ready to Teach? Here are 4 ways to make the most of your mindfulness or yoga teaching career. The final advice we have is to enjoy your accomplishments! 

This is the last article in our series: YOU’RE A CERTIFIED TEACHER! BUT NOW WHAT? Here is the rest of the series:  Part 1.   Part 2.   Part 3,  and  Part 4.


(1) Make it Official 

Most teachers should sign up with a registry. Yoga Alliance for Yoga Teachers and International Mindfulness Teachers Association for Mindfulness Teachers. 

There is an annual fee, but the earlier you register as a teacher the better are your chances of cultivating connections and getting teaching leads.

(2) Gear Up

You definitely want your own Yoga and Meditation props. Over time, you should have enough props for working with individual clients and even small groups. 

Most places offer discounts for certified instructors and wholesale pricing if you have your own LLC.

Getting new things, like props (or even clothing), certainly isn’t required. But it can be an investment that can often be written off as a business expense. Plus, we have to admit, even for non-attached yogis, getting new equipment can be fun! 

(3) Look for community and volunteer opportunities

Often teachers who feel hesitant approaching a business or studio find it easier to offer free teaching experiences. Free yoga and meditation in a park is always appreciated. You can always find a place to teach, like a seniors center and schools. Approaching nonprofits, as well as working through them, can make things easier.

At Inbody Academy, we offer opportunities for our graduates to teach through our nonprofit volunteer program, Inbody Outreach, as well as various free intro classes through the academy.

(4) Focus on You and Your Practice

It’s likely that you’re noticing a deeper level of awareness in your personal practice and daily life. Make sure you give yourself ample space to explore these new facets of your practice. It can sometimes be a challenge to teach while having a personal practice (and a personal life). Don’t forget that your passion and joy have gotten you this far. And keeping your passion is what will draw people to your teaching. 

As a Yoga or Mindfulness teacher, you should feel proud of all you’ve accomplished. Inbody Academy can offer you support with guidance and additional training. 



And as always don’t hesitate to reach out!