Four Things New Mindfulness and Yoga Teachers Should Know.

You’re a Certified Teacher! But Now What? Four Things New Mindfulness and Yoga Teachers Should Know. (Part 1 of a Series)



You’re a Certified Teacher! But Now What? Four Things New Mindfulness and Yoga Teachers Should Know.

(Part 1 of a Series)

By: Laura Jayne


You’ve made it through weeks of classes and challenged yourself in ways you didn’t expect. You can start to call yourself a teacher. But what comes next? Teaching mindfulness or yoga is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. But it can also feel overwhelming. Today, we’ll outline some things you can do next.


Here are a few suggestions for what you can do next as a new 200-hour certified teacher:

1. Start Teaching Right Away. Your training is complete, and now you feel ready! You might start applying for teaching positions at different places, including gyms, studios and businesses. First, gain as much experience as you can. You may be able to volunteer to teach free introductory classes. It’s a good idea to take classes or attend some events and become a part of a community. You could also offer a free workshop to gauge the interest in what you have to offer. For example, I teach a vigorous style of yoga that isn’t the best fit for a traditional yoga studio, but it is great in other venues. You just need to keep trying different places to teach until you find the right fit (or fits) for you.

Some places might ask you to demo your teaching. It’s okay to be nervous, but remember, you have all the skills you need to teach. It can be hard to find a teaching position initially, but once your reputation and experience grows, and you establish a community, more teaching opportunities will arise.


2. Teach full time. For all new teachers, your classes will be small at first. For most people it can take 1 – 2 years of teaching regularly to really start to grow your classes. If you are looking to make this your full-time career, you might want to start looking into the business and marketing aspects of creating your own business. You’ll also want to think about selecting a name and marketing yourself by posting regularly to social media. These are things that our advanced mindfulness and yoga trainings can help with at Inbody Academy.


3. Pursue advanced training. Maybe you want to deepen or advance your study or practice before thinking about teaching regularly. Many teachers go on to get more advanced certification. If you’ve discovered that you really want to know more about helping people on a deeper level, you might consider becoming a Yoga Therapist or choose to enroll in the 300 hour Mindfulness Certification. Advanced training will extend and amplify what you’ve learned, taking your knowledge and skills to the next level. An advanced training can set you apart as a teacher.


4. Enjoy. Feel good about what you have accomplished. It’s a huge achievement to complete a 200 hour training. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything with your certificate right now. Yoga and mindfulness teacher training programs are wonderful opportunities to deepen your own practice. You likely learned a great deal about yourself throughout the process, and that is a reward in and of itself. Take the time you need to decide what comes next, keeping in mind that it’s about your own journey not where you end up. Deciding not to teach right away is a fantastic, admirable, and one common and completely acceptable next step after completing your training. Take some time to reflect on your learning and outline what you most enjoyed about what you have learned. That might help you decide what you should focus on next. 


Whatever you do, celebrate what you’ve accomplished. If you are considering some additional training or just need some guidance, Inbody can help you to review your options and identify the best plan for you.