Myths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Myths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Call them fiction, call them falsehoods, call them whatever you’d like to call them, but the truth remains — there are many myths that exist in the world of yoga teacher training. We have heard them all, and we’re more than ready to dispel some of these misconceptions. See some of the most common myths about yoga teacher training.

You have to be a yoga expert to become a yoga teacher.

This is one of the most common myths of all. People expect that somebody teaching the course needs to be an expert yogi, know or do each single pose  and be flexible.  If  the requirement of being a yoga instructor was to know everything, there wouldn’t be a single instructor in the world!

Traditionally Yoga was never intended to be about flexibility or designed as a workout. Authentic Yoga is an ongoing practice or self-discovery and personal transformation and healing. Although you will be a teacher after your training you’ll also forever be a student.

Secondly, part of teaching yoga means practicing what we preach. This means respecting and listening to our bodies, and finding the balance between a challenge and being gentle. There are countless yoga instructors who can’t get into certain poses right away, requiring a proper warm-up and/or some kind of assistive prop, such as a block or a strap. There are also countless instructors who, due to some kind of injury or physical limitation, can’t reach a pose or need to take it easy on a certain part of their body. None of this disqualifies someone from being a great yoga teacher, and all of this is a part of being human being flexible in your mind, not your body — and that’s so much of what yoga is all about.

Yes, you should love to practice yoga and make it a part of your life, but you don’t need to be perfect yogi to become a teacher (hint: being perfect at anything is impossible!).

You Need to have a “Yoga Body’

Yoga is very Every Body and Everyone.  Many have an unfortunate idea that bodies should look a certain way. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just look at the image above. Yes it is an epic and lovely picture you may see on instagram. But that is all it is. An instragram type picture. There is nothing wrong with it. And at least the yogi is not doing something dangerous with their body. (although slivers from the wood dock may be a concern. )

But this kind of image should be considered more of a kind of art than Yoga.


Just Doing a Perfect Yoga Pose is Not Yoga.

Yoga is not about being flexible. Women, Men — as and people in general — are just as capable, compassionate, patient, and talented as anyone else regardless of what you think are your limitations. You do not need to do (or even know) all of the poses to teach them safely. As a teacher most of your students will be new students with their own limitations and feel comfortable if you are authentic.

We welcome all who are passionate to take on our certification courses — and what’s more, the more diverse and beautiful the world of yoga teachers is, the more encouraging and welcoming the yoga community becomes.

You need to travel abroad to get certified.

There are plenty of yoga teacher training programs that exist in the world. Many people love the idea of traveling to a new location, such as Thailand or Bali, to bask in the cultural experience as a means to become properly trained. While these trips are possible for all, they are not inherently better just because they’re in another country. Most of the time students who attend trainings our of the country report poor or even dangerous teachings and experiences with a lack of basic anatomy and understanding of modern science and wellness. Many students have even come back injured or ill from many of these trainings.  This is particularly common of trainings are only last a few weeks to a month and injury is even more likely due to the intensity and amount of time practicing each day.

Inbody Yoga Academy, in fact, is renowned for being one of the best places to receive yoga teacher training. Inbody Academy in Salt Lake City Utah, has  trained more than 2,000 students, over 70 percent of whom are still using their certification in some manner today. The truth is, you can travel far to get certified, but you don’t have to — and for those in the Salt Lake City area, you have a faculty of expert yogis, practically in your backyard, available for you to learn from. Or, if you’re not in Salt Lake City, but have always wanted to spend some time here, you’re more than welcome to travel here while you work on your certification as well as study online!

At best, myths can be misleading, and at worst, myths can be downright harmful. When we take the time to fully understand the ins and outs of yoga teacher training, we all benefit from the added sense of clarity and knowledge. Our courses are starting August 4th, and we would love to work with you to help you get certified! Don’t let those myths or negative associations hold you back.