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Inbody’s Mindfulness and Therapeutic Yoga Retreat

Inbody Mindfulness Retreat

Discover Your True Nature.

Hidden Springs Ranch in Altamont, Utah

May  13, 2020
Inbody Mindfulness Retreat in Utah
Mindfulness Retreat in Utah

a mindful retreat

A mindful retreat is an opportunity to create space for own rejuvenation and healing. Our normal lives rarely allow us the time we need. Retreat can take us beyond the demands and distractions of our daily lives.

When we are able to simply be in our own awareness, we can connect to something deeper. We can experience powerful subtle qualities that support our growth, compassion and wisdom, both for others and for ourselves.

Nature is an important part of retreat; supporting us in re-discovering our true nature and connection to all things.

Retreats can act as a guide, showing us where we are at and where we can go in our lives. You will be supported as you explore your own path. Each retreat experience can build upon and deepen our practice and inner wisdom.

A retreat does take commitment. This is a commitment to the peaceful power of practice and silence. You will come to feel more connected both to yourself and to those around you.

In this retreat you will…
Participate in light group yoga and mindful movement sessions with world-class teachers.

Practice meditation and mindfulness for more peace and focus in life.

Experience the power of alignment in body and mind.

Discover the healing through mind body connection.

Enjoy delicious organic mindful meals.

Relax and rejuvenate in nature.

Pool and hot tub facilities.

Healing, Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy

At Inbody our mission is to offer healing, mindfulness, and yoga therapy around the world. This retreat integrates traditions of silence and contemplation, as well as mind-body connection, with a modern therapeutic approach. Experience healing and rejuvenation, while learning to become more free in your body and mind.

The experience of Hidden Springs Ranch is as wonderful as the teachers and people you will connect with from around the world. The Ranch is a unique place where you can enjoy wide-open spaces, beautiful scenery, dating back to the early 1900’s. The ranch is irrigated by gravitational forces made possible by the lay of the land and the many springs and ponds on the property.

There are opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming and much more. Many other possible activities are located near the ranch and in the surrounding area.

Inbody Mindfulness Retreat Lodge

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