Should I Become a Yoga Teacher?

At the start of every journey, there’s always a number of questions that one asks. Before a trip, we wonder — have I packed everything I need? Before going to the store, we think — do I know what all I need? Especially poignant before starting a new career path or direction, we come back to the same question -should I do this?

Yogis everywhere tend to ponder this question at some point or another, wondering if they should embark on the path of becoming a yoga instructor. Inbody Yoga Academy is here to help you sort through this thought process, providing guidance as to whether or not you should take on yoga teacher training in the Salt Lake City area. Take a look at some of our advice on becoming a yoga instructor, and get the very best in yoga teacher training from Inbody Yoga Academy! Offering 200-, 300-, and 500-hour certification courses, there are plenty of options for you to enroll in.

Signs You Should Become a Yoga Teacher

Signs You Should Become a Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga teacher can seem exciting, a little scary, and like a major next step in your life. But with Inbody Yoga Academy, we’re here to guide you along in the process of making a decision. In addition to our above checklist about becoming a yoga teacher, here are a number of other things to consider:

You love the idea of teaching.

Loving yoga is definitely an important part of taking on yoga teacher training, but to become a teacher, that’s only the first (and, truth be told, basic) requirement. It’s similar with babysitting: just because people love kids does not mean they’ll enjoy being a classroom teacher.

If you’re truly interested in becoming a yoga teacher, you recognize that this is taking your practice in a whole new direction. You’re not going to be practicing with everyone in the class, you’re going to be leading the class itself. In order to continue loving teaching yoga, you have to love teaching, and find joy and passion in helping others grow in their own yoga practice.

You’re passionate about working with others.

Similar to our last point, if you don’t love working with others, taking on yoga teacher training is not going to be in your (or your students’) best interests. Becoming a yoga teacher means you’ll be working intimately with those around you — often this is hands-on, patient, supportive, encouraging, and engaging in nearly every sense of the word. The best teachers are not only the ones who help their students in the class, but continue to build relationships with their students from class to class. They know, and make it a point to get to know, their students, and it’s essential that you have this love of connecting with others to succeed as a yoga instructor.

You want and are ready to shift into an instructor role.

For many yogis, they think that becoming a yoga teacher is simply the next step. In reality, you need to be understanding of the shifts that are going to take place. Oftentimes, yoga instructors struggle to find as much time to devote to their independent practice, because much of this time has been designated to teaching. Additionally, you need to recognize that you’ll be taking a leadership and facilitator role instead of that as a student (though we’re all students, regardless of whether we’re leading a class!). This sounds obvious, but the yoga studio will have a different feel and vibe when you’re setting the pace and the tone.

You feel comfortable with the idea of leading a class.

Even if you’re not ready to lead a class yet, that’s okay! You’re not in our yoga teacher training program at Inbody Yoga Academy just yet. But if you can see yourself doing well in this role with the proper instruction, or if you like the idea of taking a group of students through a flow, this is another sign that becoming a yoga teacher may be in your best interests.

If you’ve never liked public speaking, if you’ve always struggled with leading a class or session, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a yoga teacher — all it implies is that this is something to consider, and talk with one of our yoga instructors about when you’re considering starting the certification process.

If you’ve been waiting for some sort of sign to become a yoga teacher, here it is — you should try out yoga teacher training! And if all this information has made you realize it’s not for you, that’s okay too. If you have any questions about the process or are interested in learning more, contact Inbody Yoga Academy today to get the answers you’re looking for — we look forward to hearing from you!