5 Reasons You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training Online

5 Reasons You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training Online

5 Reasons You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training Online 

By: Lindsay Miller


It might seem daunting to learn to teach yoga online. But did you know Yoga Teachers who complete their training online are just as successful as those who do it in-person? You just need to find the right online program to make sure you succeed.


Here are 5 reasons you should register for an online teacher training program:


  1. You want to improve. We all want to be better as a parent, partner or just in our own practice. Perhaps you’re not sure you’re ready to teach, but you want to help others through yoga. With an online teacher training, you don’t have to change your whole life. You can learn and grow at your own pace.
  2. You will find your tribe. Maybe you want to make some changes in your life, but you don’t have many people who really understand what you’re passionate about. Lasting change is hard without others to help you. It’s important to have a supportive community of people who believe in some of the same things you do. A yoga teacher training can help you connect with others, on your own terms.
  3. You haven’t found the right Yoga Teacher Training. While you may have a few teacher training options in your area, they don’t seem to be quite what you want. The best yoga training will help you learn evidence-based yoga and mindfulness. It should have at least 10 years of experience, a good reputation and be certified with Yoga Alliance. Above all, you should feel confident you will learn the best ways to teach yoga and mindfulness.
  4. You’re interested in a career as a wellness professional. You probably know about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Healthcare professionals are prescribing yoga and mindfulness for both physical and mental health more and more. As a yoga teacher you can integrate yoga and mindfulness into your existing profession, or even become a Certified Yoga Therapist. As a Yoga Therapist, you can work with other professionals and help individuals through yoga. You may work in healthcare facilities, have private practice, or see clients from around the world online.
  5. You can still have a life! Most of us have family and work responsibilities. It’s hard to take that first step to become a teacher, with everything else we have going on. You’re not sure how you’d add more time commitments. With an online training, you can still take care of your commitments and yourself as you become a yoga teacher.

While an online teacher training program isn’t for everyone, there are many benefits. You will have flexibility and the knowledge of world class instructors. If you have considered taking a Yoga Teacher Training, now is the time. Online Yoga Teacher Trainings at Inbody Academy will be approved through Yoga Alliance through the end of the year.


Registration for Inbody Academy’s 200 hour, 300 hour and Yoga Therapy online teacher training programs are open.


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