8 Signs It’s Time for You to Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training

8 Signs It’s Time for You to Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training

8 Signs It’s Time for You to Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training

By: Lindsay Miller


Are you trying to decide if it’s time for you to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training Course? 


Here is a checklist for people who are considering whether they should become a yoga teacher. Reviewing these points is a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to be a teacher and to see if a yoga teacher training program is the right fit for you.

  • You want to change the world. All around you see people hurting, people suffering and you want to DO something, anything, to help. You’re busy working to keep yourself and those around you afloat so you don’t have much time but you feel like this is important.

  • You’re curious about mindfulness. You’ve been practicing some yoga poses and you keep hearing people talk about mindfulness. You’re not sure what it is exactly, but it seems to help a lot of people. You know you could get the hang of it if you could just find a good teacher and give yourself the space to learn more about it.

  • People are asking you for help. The benefits of your regular yoga practice have become more obvious to your friends and co-workers. People have started asking you what you’re doing to look so good, how you’re managing to stay mellow in the midst of your everyday frustrations. They want you to help them cultivate the same calm in their lives. While you’re juggling quite a bit right now, you know you could help them if you just had more training.

  • You’re wondering who you are. You’re in one of those transitory moments where life hands you an opportunity to change and you get to decide what to do with it. You feel like there’s more to life than going through the motions. You know you have the capacity to help people. While that seems a little scary, you’ve always been intrigued by yoga and the claim that it gets you in touch with your truest self.

  • You’ve been through a traumatic event (divorce, death of a loved one, abuse) and you want to tune into your capacity to heal. Friends and family have been asking you how the hell you’re managing. Things are so hard right now and you’re hurting. You know that sometimes beauty and growth can come after incredibly rough times and you want to believe it. You have friends who have sworn by the benefits of yoga and you think it might be time for you to give it a try. You know that you need a healthy dose of your own health and wholeness before you can be truly available to help those around you who also need to heal.

  • You’re interested in the new Yoga Therapist Certification by the International Yoga Alliance. You’ve heard some of your teachers talking about the Yoga Alliance Certification and you think you’d like to pursue it. You’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of a regular yoga practice and you want to develop the capacity to help other people using the dynamic tools yoga offers. You know it will take work but oftentimes worthwhile things require effort.

  • You are looking for something… and you think that “something” might be more authentic living. You’ve been practicing off and on for years at home and in the studio. You want a more fit and integrated mind, body and spirit. You sense that this is the next step for you, but you’re not sure how to get there or if you’re really ready. Through your practice, you’ve become more aware of some of your gifts and innate abilities, but you need some help to understand how to use these to help others. You have the pieces and you’re looking for some guidance in putting them together.

  • You’re invested in self-discovery. It’s been a fun ride getting to know yourself. Enrolling in classes, training programs, private lessons and coaching have given you chances to grow and get in touch with your passion and purpose. You know what you have to offer and you know this is the next step for you. You’re excited for the challenge, the toning and the refinement that will result from this.

If one or more of these signs feels familiar to you, by all means listen to your intuition and do something about it. Inbody Academy offers rigorous, highly academic, interdisciplinary, alignment-based, yoga teacher training programs. Fill out the application to apply to the upcoming online 200 hour training program. Space is limited, so just take a few minutes and complete the form now. You’ll be glad you did!