5 Tips for Making Yoga a Fun Habit

5 Tips for Making Yoga a Fun Habit

5 Tips for Making Yoga a Fun Habit

By: Julia Izquierdo


Whether you’re new to yoga or you have years of experience, it’s not uncommon to struggle with staying consistent. While it’s fine to take a break from practice, you can use these tips to help you stay consistent and make yoga a fun, daily habit.


  • Find a good community. With so many options for yoga classes both online and in person, it’s hard to know where to start. By attending different in person and online classes, you will feel the energy and get inspired. This sense of community will motivate you. It’s likely you’ll also receive better direction if you attend in person or virtual classes (rather than just watching recordings.) Inbody Academy offers in person classes and online live streaming classes with real time feedback to help you stay in good alignment and improve quickly.

  • Find a style you enjoy. Try many classes, teachers and styles. Eventually you will find a style or type of yoga that resonates with you. Yoga is about your practice and what you enjoy doing. Often students who just attend the same teachers’ classes or never practice on their own get stuck over time. 

  • Practice every day. It can be challenging to find time for yourself each day. Consider that you don’t always have to do a 45 minute flow. If you shoot for just 5 or 10 minutes every day with a few longer practices mixed in each week, you’ll reduce the pressure that you put on yourself. Chances are that once you get up the courage to step on your mat for a few minutes you might even want to stay there longer.

  • Learn to listen to your body. There’s a fine line between knowing when rest is needed, and still motivating yourself to get moving. Learn to tune in to your body and know when rest is truly necessary. If your muscles are a bit sore you will often feel better getting some light movement in. But if you’re extremely fatigued, you could get injured, so consider taking a rest day or a much more gentle yoga practice.

  • Remember that yoga continues on and off the mat. Yoga is much more than just physical asana practice. You can still practice and study yoga philosophy without any strenuous movement. Remember that true yoga is about finding peace through a revolving relationship with your body and mind. 


Remaining consistent with your practice requires dedication and it’s not always easy. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Keep these tips in mind, and remember why you started yoga in the first place. By regularly coming back to these core values, you will begin to cultivate a healthy and balanced yoga practice.


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